A Passport is a document issued by a Country’s government to its natives that confirms the identity and nationality of the holder with the purpose of worldwide travel.

Passports are little booklets that ordinarily contain the carrier’s name, place of birth, date of birth, the date of issue, date of expiry, international ID number, photograph and mark. There are a few sorts of Passports relying upon the status of the carrier in their home country.

Passport Design and Pages:

The newly designed passport has a protective coating on the outer blue cover, which acts to protect it against water damage and more. The book is then less likely to warp or bend. It also contains fewer pages than previous U.S. passports, which is disappointing for the frequent travelers among us.

The lower page count is particularly problematic because, since January 1, 2016, Americans can no longer add extra pages to their passport. Instead, you will have to apply for a new passport whenever your current one is full. Unfortunately, new passports are more expensive than adding extra pages, so this works out to be more expensive for those who travel frequently.



  • A Passport is the main travel document to go outside country.
  • Visa is a conceded and stepped on the Passport to remain in a country for a time frame.
  • International travel subtleties of the identification holder can be found in their Passport.
  • Passport is viewed as the ID of citizenship of the Passport holder.
  • Passport can likewise be utilized as a residence or personality verification.

Different types of passport:

Diplomatic passport:

A diplomatic passport is granted to diplomats who are travelling for official business and representing their home country abroad.

Diplomats are appointed by the government to conduct official business abroad and maintain political, economic and social relations with other countries.

Collective Passport:

A collective passports what that is issued to a group, such as children of schools or some people of organization that are going abroad.


An E-passport is a passport that consists of an electronic chip located in the main cover. This chip contains the passport Holder’s information and provides an extra layer of security.

Official Passport:

An official passport is a type of passport that is issued to government employees of a country. Its main purpose is to let in the officials of a country so that there is no bearer in entering the country.

Passport are necessary to travel to other country it is used to verify the nationality and identity of the person or the passport holder. Without that no one can enter the other country. And also you need visa as well for traveling.

Emergency Passport:

An emergency passport or temporary passport is a type of passport which is issued when you’ve lost your passport or had it stolen and you don’t have time to apply for a new one. For this you need to call your embassy and then you can get the passport back from them. And then they issue with a emergency passport.

Passports must typically have two to four blank visa pages for international traveling. Your passport and visa on your passport is checked by the authority and then you are allowed to travel outside the country. The airline may not let you board or your destination country may not let you enter if there is no space for the entrance visa to be stamped into your passport.

Need of a Passport:

Travel is one of the best possible things you can do for yourself, and venturing outside of your home country is an experience that can’t be imitated or replaced.

Travel opens your mind and challenges your perceptions. It exposes you to other peoples’ situations and realities, many of which are far worse than you’ll ever personally experience. It gets you out of your comfort zone, which helps you prove to yourself that you’re capable of more than you believed. You’ll learn just how fortunate you are to be a U.S. citizen with a U.S. passport, and how it’s something other people would die for.

In short, if you have the money and the time, there are very few investments as valuable as travel. So get that passport, buy that plane ticket, and get out there and explore the world.

Passport Rejection:

So the passport issuing authorities of your country and the passport department may not issue you a passport if you don’t have a valid information about yourself or you have any criminal record. If you are not citizen of country then you can’t be issued with a passport. If, for example, you provided false information on your application, you are not a citizen of the country, or if you have been charged with a crime. There are many reasons why your passport application may be refused. Be sure to check your government’s passport website to find out the relevant details.


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